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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


We provide walks for dogs of every size, energy level, and personality. Dogs are walked in groups of 2-6 dogs at a time (depending on the time, location, and leash etiquette of the dogs in the group). Individual walks are an option for canines that are still developing their social skills. Puppy walks are also available for dogs under 6 months of age. Here you can find walks that fit every dog and budget.

The 20 minute group walk is a good match for small-medium sized and/or low energy dogs. It is also an economical choice for dogs that need a nice bathroom break while their owners are out for a few hours.

  • Weekday 20 minutes…$14 ($8/each additional dog)

  • Weekday AM/PM 20 minutes (before 10am or after 4pm)…$18 ($8/each additional dog)

  • Weekend 20 minutes…$18 ($10/each additional dog)

  • Weekend AM/PM 20 minutes (before 10am or after 4pm)…$20 ($10/each additional dog)

The 40 minute group walk is great for medium-large sized and/or medium-high energy dogs.

  • Weekday 40 minutes…$18 ($8/each additional dog)

  • Weekday AM/PM 40 minutes (before 10am or after 4pm)…$24 ($8/each additional dog)

  • Weekend 40 minutes…$26 ($10/each additional dog)

  • Weekend AM/PM 40 minutes (before 10am or after 4pm)…$32 ($10/each additional dog)

The 60 minute group walk is perfect for large-extra large sized and/or high energy dogs. This walk length is offered Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm.

  • Weekday 60 minutes…$22 ($8/each additional dog)

Individual Walks are available for dogs that are not completely socialized, and need some training before they can walk with other dogs. We will work with your pups in the hopes that some day they can walk as a dog was meant to…in a pack!

  • Individual 20 minutes…$22 ($10/each additional dog)

  • Individual 40 minutes…$30 ($10/each additional dog)

Puppy Walks are available for dogs under 6 months of age. Puppy Walks are done individually, protecting young dogs who are not fully vaccinated, and teaching them how to walk on a leash without distraction. As soon as a puppy is fully vaccinated, he/she is welcome to start meeting and walking with other dogs.

  • 20 minute Puppy Walk…$16 ($8/each additional dog)

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