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Coco, a.k.a. The Puff, has been hanging with the Happy Pet Care crew for over two years now. I remember the very first time that Mary came to meet Coco, and Coco loved her right away.  Two years later, I have definitely come to rely on Mary and her staff, for their professionalism, their flexibility (I am constantly making last minute requests), and the extra love that they give to my little girl. 


Coco is a small and sometimes timid eight pound Chihuahua, but she has been introduced to walking with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and she gets more exercise than I can provide with such a busy work schedule.  I would highly recommend Happy Pet Care to anyone with pup.  


Thanks Mary!

Molly Boehmke
and "Coco"

Serenity is priceless. I am the type of pet owner who worries obsessively on vacation, wondering about my pets. Well, that is no longer the case! Happy Pet Care gives me the peace of mind to travel and only focus on relaxing and enjoying my trip. When I return, my cats seem disappointed to see me at the front door instead of Mary, the owner of Happy Pet Care. My babies are brushed, well-fed, socialized and content. Trust is a major factor when you hand your house keys and beloved pets to a total stranger. I am so glad I took a chance. I was never sorry and I will never use anyone else!

Claudia Bruno, "Calamity Jane, Clio & Tattoo"

I was lucky enough to find Mary and Happy Pet Care three years ago. I cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience has been. My two dogs go to Happy Pet Care five days a week and are happier, better behaved and well adjusted dogs as a result. They cannot wait for Mary to pick them up in the morning and eagerly jump into the car with their daycare buddies to start their day. At the end of the day, they return happy and tired, ready for their dinner and a nap. Each day, Mary leaves a note letting me know when she picked the dogs up, when she dropped them off, and what they did during the day. She always mentions if there is anything out of the ordinary about their behavior, what they ate etc. so I know to keep my eye on them as well. I know that whether it's a walk, daycare, or an overnight stay, my dogs are loved and cared for at Happy Pet Care like they are cared for in my own home. There is no greater comfort for me. In my three years with Happy Pet Care, I do not have a single complaint, only glowing reviews and happy dogs. What more could I ask for?! Thank you!!

Jess Gifford,
"Zooey & Ollie"

Our dog Lulu absolutely loves Happy Pet Care. Having used other dog walking services before we discovered Happy Pet Care, we can confidently say they are the absolute best! The owner Mary is so responsive--we know we can always count on her if we are in a bind and Lulu needs an extra walk at the last minute. Lulu’s daily walker Jo is so nice and so dependable. She leaves long notes about Lulu’s daily walks and we can tell she really cares about Lulu. There is no one we’d rather have walking our dog every day! Happy Pet Care is run with the efficiency and professionalism of a large, established business, combined with the hands on attention for your pet of a much smaller company--a perfect combo. They are truly the best in the area.

Emily Margolis and "Lulu"

Happy Pet Care has been taking care of Baxter for two years now, and we couldn't be happier. I was initially impressed by how well organized Mary is, and how thoroughly and carefully she screens her employees. Every staff member seems to be very knowledgeable about pets, and I was confident placing Baxter, just a puppy then, in their care. Happy Pet Care has lived up to and even surpassed our initial positive impression. Due to our work and travel schedules, our need for a dog walker varies from one week to the next. Happy Pet Care is always able to accommodate us, even for those walks that were scheduled on short notice. It is a relief to know that, regardless of our schedules, Happy Pet Care will always ensure that Baxter gets plenty of exercise and has a chance to interact with other dogs.

Angela Bushnell
and "Baxter"

Dog Walk
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